11 November, 2007

The media has no respect or pay any regards to democracy.

Chicken heads. Do you know what happen to it when it gets to the slaughter house? It just tilts to one side. That is how our government controlled local media is. The fight for independence was also the birth of our local media and journalism. At that time it was the only way to reach the masses. The journalist were poor...the editors were practically owners of the publications. Not like now when the media has grown to be more of a money poacher with pages and pages worth of advertisements and extremely biased reports as well as keeping away the truth and painting a different picture to the public.

I thought truthfulness constitutes to part of the journalism code of conduct. Perhaps I am just out of touch from the reality of things. But how can yesterday's mass rally was been given a blanket? Instead in the front page carries issues of equal worry but lesser immediate reform. They publish about petrol prices, the questionable service from the public health care and the the MIC Deepavali celebrations. Yes, everything has to be reported....but not the rally protest.

Thanks to blog authors who witnessed and some even participated in the event to write and even take loads of images. Some images were really good journalism photography and these are just avid bloggers and not professional photographers. I admire their courage to walk those streets. I would have been there too if it was not for some serious advice from my other half.

But the media seem to be forced to evade their social responsibility. Afraid to be closed for good perhaps? Some higher hands are very concerned of loosing votes perhaps? But the reality is obvious. Name it, we have serious problems in everything. Ministries misusing funds, Judiciary system has been tampered and fixed, Electoral system can be shadowed and bought, Police double standards, violent and corrupt, and the list goes on and on and on.

But all is good says the big weeds because the economy is good as published in the media. Everyone is OK as published in the media showing good racial ties and harmony for the heavily sponsored National festivities. But we are not stupid you know. We can read yes, but better still we can understand what is in between the lines. So no matter what the media tries to do to paint a rosy picture, the fact is we all know it is all fake. Sorry ah~ We only accept fresh live flowers.

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