12 November, 2007

Ministers that do not know how to count....indirectly I am saying they are not that smart.

Credibility must be weighted by how oblivious and ignorant can one be from the many public inquiries. I think that is how Pak Lah choose his ministers. Because with more than an undeniable doubt Nazri as well as Zam has proven time and time again that they:

1. Are blind.
2. Do not know how to count.
3. Do not know how to read.
4. Do not understand Englsih or BM.
5. Follow orders like dogs on a leash.

Basically the prerequisite to be a minister must be deaf, dumb and uneducated. That makes the deaf and dumb in this country far better off right? At least they are smart enough to be useful to society. Which reminds me to the latest Petronas Ad.

Zam can't tell the difference of 4,000 to 40,000. He called the 200 lawyers march as nothing much....may be he cant count past his fingers and toes. But I am sorry~ I can't blame Zam or Nazri. They did not apply for the positions but were offered them by Pak Lah. So I question Pak Lah's judgment sometimes.

In fact I do think each Minister has fire on their tails for the screw ups of each of their Ministry. Hmmmm...makes you wonder what goes on in those cabinet meetings? Small chat and lots of Tongkat Ali Power Root perhaps? And the ladies would be Kacip Fatimah of course. Unless well....it is true that some are not oriented as nature had intended.

No, no it is not my intention of bashing them all. But they allow themselves to be bashed. I mean it is an open goal for god's sake~ Which Football nutty nation would not be tempted to at least take a shot huh? You know~ I wish some sort of tour be organized on the routes that all the protesters took on Saturday. The whole cabinet should walk the path....all the better if it can be done in the rain. While they are at it why not provide water balloons to the public to hit the cabinet members with~

Which one gets the most hits shows which one the public think is the most useless. It would be fun~ very entertaining and the ministers will at least know a tiny feel of the pain which the thousands had walked for the sake of their beloved country and their children's future. At the top of some roof I would love to take head shots with a paint ball gun. Pap pap paap~!

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