20 November, 2007

No need VW since PROTON doing well with Persona.

The title is not an official statement. But it is an educated conclusion that I can make from the whole shebang talks between Proton and VW. I would love to know for certain why were the talks halted from our side. It is very notorious that Proton makes cars like playing blocks. But until recently Proton did a fairly good job with their new car "Persona". So perhaps the bigweeds thought "Takyah ler buat deal ngan German tuh".

I do see that the time spent was all put to waste in the end. Business operations wise I see Proton is going to be at the loosing end in a couple of yeas if they are not lucky. Fact, Germans make darn good cars. VW although not a very popular brand in this part of the world but they have the icon of the VW Beetle. If a car made during WW2 and the engineering is so darn good that it can still be seen pottering around to this day than there must be something darn right about the way they do things.

Too see another point of view a VW deal could perhaps see Proton cars be sold in European countries. The good point for us consumers here is that the sharing of expertise could mean that we could have even better built local cars. I have driven a old beetle before and I think it is still brilliant. Then they have the Golf GTi which is a cult car and the latest one drives like a bat out of hell with looks to match.

There are many technologies that the Germans have in a sense that the Japs could never achieve. The Japs will never give us their variable valve technology and other tech gizmo associated with their suspension and drivetrain. VW has uber class 4WD technology as well as the know how to make super efficient and clean diesel engines which we have no friggin idea how to draw one.

So is the "call off" a business decision or a political one? Business wise it does not make sense to call off the talks. Politically, everything makes good sense. But I guess this is a case of being sentimental~ and arrogant. The best cars in the world are European. Nothing could match the refinement of German engineering when it comes to power plants more than 4 cylinders. Craftsmanship with metal is very closely associated with the Germans. The Japs are good at weaving stuff from bamboo and fabric. OK fine, the occasional samurai blade is spiffy.

But for something that chugs flammable liquids to move stuff around I say the Germans are the best in the world for it. I say Proton....what a waste. After this do not even dream of getting one penny of help from the Germans. I bet they would have orders to shoot you on sight. So yeah go on and keep making "refurnished" cars. I'll be much better off driving the award winning Perodua Viva.

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