14 November, 2007

One sen broom sticks.

I'll do a two in one post today just for the fun and my laziness. Should the demise of the one sen is a good thing? People on the street won't want to carry that much one sen but when wanting their change back they want every single sen. Peculiar? Well, we are Malaysians thus peculiar is pretty normal here.

As far as I see it, I figure it is a good thing. I am sure BNM will ensure that the system will not be abused and strict enforcement of rounding up or down mechanics will be of significant priority. Another up side besides from not having to deal with one sen over the counter is that it serves to be more and more purpose for electronic paying systems to be implemented. Transactions with debit cards and mobile money would not be rounded up or down I reckon. Seems like even lesser reason in the near future to carry cold hard cash around.

Electronic payment will be far more secure, perhaps even lesser snatch theft since people do not carry significant amounts. At the same time security of electronic payment methods needs to be properly beefed up. But there is always cause and effect.

Broom sticks has kicked up some dust. Presentation of a broom stick by Khir Toyo to Hulu Selangor Land Office and also the District Council has met much flack from all quarters. 65% of respondents to a TV3 survey felt that it was not appropriate. The back bencher club thinks it's not appropriate. However I could see Khir Toyo's intention of making the "ceremony" public. I see it as making the public service transparent.

In way it is good and also bad. The bad thing is it could demoralize the public service. But then again what difference does it make compared to punishing a child to stand on a chair in class for not doing homework? Demoralizing yes, but it is imperative to create a mindset that when you don't deliver your job up to expectations or the requirements than the management has the right to ensure you buck up. At the same time it would be a form of professional ethics to create competition between departments. So perhaps the broom was a tad too much but it could be replaced with something else. Perhaps a crushed tin can painted appropriately or some other thing that signifies such a dismal performance.

On the other side why not at the same event to present the best awards too. I suggest a can painted in gold or some shiny tint on a plaque. So now there will be one award to stay away from and one award to target for. Sounds pretty fair doesn't it? Owh well, I should be getting along doing my work now before I get presented with a broom. In the private sector if you do not come up to standard it could mean the end of your tenure at the position.

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