12 November, 2007

Pak Lah gets confident, Opposition intensifies pressure.

UMNO's general assembly rose to an applauding close while just a day before tens of thousands show up in force on the call for a reform. It is 2 very different situations. Who is dreaming and who gets power? Many question what the next General Elections will hold for. I think that day will be the biggest test and many will hold their breath.

Can't blame the cockiness of UMNO, it's members and their leaders seem very much aloft in the halls of the Putra World Trade Center. Who could blame them? UMNO and BN component parties have been in power for a good 50 years. So the confidence bodes good signs that many if not all of it's members seem very comfortable and not aware (ignorance could be the better term used here) there has been more calls for reform by the public and opposition.

50 years of practice and preps could be a role played to perfection if you ask me. It's like a show on Broadway....very meticulously done and every single mistake is so cleverly masked that people think that the show went on perfectly. At the end of it...the audience feels that it was money well spent and the actors laugh it off backstage on how the cover-up was brilliant.

Pak Lah says the Bersih Rally was nothing but to convince the monarchy to step into politics which it is not their area. Still it is a well known fact that the Rulers have always been bullied by the government. Remember the time when Tun M did threaten the Conference of Rulers? Even in 1955 the Sultan of Perak at the time had a graze of heads with a certain person nominated by the ruling party to be the Menteri Besar of Perak. The Sultan of Johor is well known not to really like what the government decides for his State...especially concerning it's close proximity to Singapore.

So what is the thing about trying to get the monarch into politics? The very foundation of this country was built on the initiative of the Royals to fight for independence. Tunku was a royalty. But yeah, many forget that since the man was so close to the people.

After the Bersih Rally, later that night a postmortem was done to congratulate as well to decide what was the next action. Anwar was there and suggested that another rally to be organized very soon. How far this will materialize we shall have to wait and see. But it is for certain that both sides are being defiant to the other and both refuse to back down.

I am not really in favour of the ruling coalition. It somehow has lost focus....took on too much and could only deliver so little. At the very same time the economic gap widens. The rich gets richer and the poor are left to struggle with the inflating price of living costs. UMNO members seem not to mind the tier system for fuel subsidies....in fact I don't think they would mind at all if the subsidies are to be lifted entirely. Of course they don't mind~ they are sucking the riches of the land and filling their pot bellies to the brim.

I could only believe that UMNO is in fact too overconfident. And overconfidence is always a bad thing. People on the street are talking~ and they walked last Saturday to the horror of the police which could not contain them. The resort to use water cannons and tear gas was a sign of desperation. Even that the rally pressed on~

So what has Pak Lah got to do now? Would he dare to call on elections earlier than he plans to? Or would he just sit it out and doze off with the rest of his merry band of thieves? But wait, he is confident~ so there is really nothing much for him to worry about is there?

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