11 November, 2007

Police is Balachi of ruling party.

Believe it. It shows yesterday very clearly that being just like trained dogs they did as they were told. Reading the formal media of the Star and NST nothing on the rally was in the main columns. Pathetic piece of chicken-ish reporting. But there is one report on the roadblocks on the roads leading into the city center.

Thousands of road users were victims of inconsiderate government orders and those who had nothing to do with the rally was simply caught in it anyway for nothing. Petrol was simply wasted and believe it or not some areas even had haze caused by the belching exhaust that all the vehicles spewed during such a terrible traffic jam.

The Star made a point alright....publishing a picture of one of the road blocks. It clearly showed that the police was just used to bottle neck the roads. As early as 8:30 in the morning on a bloody Saturday there was a road block opposite of menara Star.

What was the police doing? I witnessed 2 was chilling at a table not too faraway smoking. Another 3 of them were manning the block but was just imply standing there and chit-chatting, smiling and laughing. The picture that the Star published shows 2 officers of the law just standing a distance away from the block not appearing to be checking as the vehicles pass by.

So what was the point? It was a waste of public funds to mobilize the roadblocks when really nothing was actually done but creating a bottleneck all roads leading to the city.

View the image and report published in the Star here.

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