18 November, 2007

RPK gives a tell all of what the Agong did and did not do.

Alright, very heated...extremely debated and very disgusted I am. But still I have to think as rational as possible. From reading what Raja Petra wrote on what the eye does not see, I really am not sure of what is to become of this country for as long as the same party rules with the sort of mentality that strikes as even more cunning and slick than a fox and sea cucumber combined.

Fact, I am not of any formal royal blood. Formal being that the linage still exists till today~ So mine pretty much died a good 10 generations ago. Thus I am incapable to effectively state what goes on in Istana Negara. However from the article that RPK wrote if and only if it is true 1000% May god protect him from harm and allow him to reveal the truth in it's purest sense.

I don't question what the Agong is doing as long as the duties that has been engraved in his highness genetic strand are delivered. So far I am pretty confident that no other Agong can do any more than what his highness has done thus far. What I am baffled is how deep is the PM's department hands in the affairs of the royals?

The royals and the government do not go well pretty much for the past 25 years or so~ practically ever since Tun M became the PM and now Pak Lah. We know privileges of Sultans have somewhat deteriorated to the point I think degrades the royals to namesake only. Sad is it? Well, I certainly think so.

I wont point out my intricate views of what RPK claims. Certainly I am not that influential enough. I don't intend to ever be...alas it is all still scary. It brings me to be reminded of my history classes in high school. Sultans became mere puppets to the "Orang Puteh". Are the Sultans and the Agong being treated in the same way now as they were than during the colonial period? Only god knows for sure but I do hope and pray that it is not true.

I would like to believe RPK 1100%. Simply because it gives the confidence and the only hope of walking a clean path in governance. I take it personally as motivation. The rest I shall keep it to my self and my circle of friends for the teh tarik sessions that we have now and then. But seriously~ what if it is true? That means the term "Raja Berpelembagaan" is just like any marketing campaign tag line. Now how scary is that? It is very scary to me.

Read what RPK wrote in the corridors of power on the matter.

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