19 November, 2007

Royal Commission can call anyone but Lingam's brother has spilled the beans.

Royal Commission can call anyone...that is good. However V.K Lingam possibly could not take the pressure and has spilled the beans. How would this influence the on going public pressure as well as the further investigation of the Lingam case is yet to be known.

I fathom the the Lingam's brother will now be told to shut up and not talk although he must be pissing in his pants every hour. The funny thing is that the police report on the brother being privy to "corruption" of judges was done 8 months ago. Why no action was taken then? Good bloody question. Another cover up perhaps?

Well, the truth will be told sooner or later. My best guess would be this will be a very exciting investigation and thus should eclipse the murder case of Altantunya easily in which it could effect the outcome indirectly. The main character of the video could not be contacted as usual.

Royal Commission can call anyone for investigations
Lingam's brother spilling beans report

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Trashed said...

It is most telling that neither Dato Lingam nor the ex-LP has personally denied anything.

If one was innocent of any wrongdoing, the first remark would be that of innoncence, but in this case, the silence is deafening.

I would still abide by the rule that one is innocent until proven guilty but does their silence mean that they are innocent ?