25 September, 2007

Shopping carts don't need wheels these days.

Shopping~ used to mean dressing up, hop on a form of transportation and arriving at a mall downtown. That is pretty much the standard issue of procedures. But after the arrival of the internet shopping has taken a different meaning. Even shopping carts have gotten a bit different. But the purpose still is the same. Gather all the stuff you want to buy in one place.

The most recent ones do not have wheels. Gasp~! They have hovering technology?! Well no, I wish they have but thats a bit far fetched. The ones that does not have wheels is for online shopping stores. Online shopping cart works in pretty much the same manner. You can go anywhere in the online shopping portal and your selected products or services follows you where ever you go. Quick glances into the shopping cart will tell you what is the total and you can remove, add or change its contents with a click. It does hover~ just in cyber space. Heheheh~!

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