28 November, 2007

So Hindraf rally has undergrads. Bersih rally didn't have any kah?

The lashing of undergraduates who participated in the recent spate of rallies in my opinion does not make sense. Well lets set aside if the rallies were illegal. Lets just say that both rallies were legal and were granted permits. Under AUKU, any rally is a NO WAY for undergrads. But what if they are above 21 and are indeed registered voters? That would mean they have civil rights don't they?

Nope, not in this country it seems. The passing of law in this country it seems to be put the people under as much control as possible. There is the infamous ISA, then the registrar of societies after that there is AUKU to control freedom of speech and opinions of undergraduates.

There is control at every level to monitor and punish the people for anything that goes against the governments wishes. Well I might be wrong but I do have good points to argue on. Why is that the issue of undergraduates taking part in the Hindraf rally get a shake up to expel the undergrads if any were found taking part in them but nothing is heard so far in those participated in the Bersih rally?

What about the undergraduates that join youth arm of what ever ruling party and they take active roles within these parties and organize naturally something that is politically inclined and still not get the boot from their alma matter? Being in one side makes one invisible from the law while another will make you pay for defiance is it?

I don't really give the hoot on what is the real agenda the opposition has in both rallies recently. But basic rights is still basic rights regardless if they are undergrads, high school kids or even those who never went to school. But in terms of enforcement it has never been consistent. Now that is to blamed solely on those who enforces them. Favourites will not be touched but those who appose gets the boot off their right for education. Wont that make matters worse?

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