10 November, 2007

Speeches by UMNO delegates is like a monthly issue of Cosmopolitan

It's like a designer label new season showcase. Absolutely terrific and simply dazzling. It might as well be a fashion week of epic proportions. Well, only if it was actually sewn fabrics and chick skinny models strutting on the runway. But, it is not.

I am referring to the speech delivered by speakers of the UMNO assembly. I don't need to pick exactly which ones because all sounds pretty much like GAP. Over priced, mass produced and made in China or some other Asian country. Peppered with the same tag lines over and over again. I tell you if this whole bunch were to be copy writers the creative director will have split ends and an afro in two wiggles of a bunny tail.


Thats THE word for UMNO. You better believe it~! Our tax money was spent just for the rights to use that word. Whatever that word means it must be the most expensive word in the world to date. All it takes is for one of the senior members even better still if they are committee members to slap a word more than 10 alphabets long and bingo~! Simply marketing and advertising genius right there.

I can just imagine it...it will be the word for primary school kids to remember how to spell in their BM spelling tests. It will be the word that they will use at night markets. Even better still maybe they would even design a tudung and sell it. Owh my god~ it will be a phenomenon! I could imagine it now~ the chants of marketing at various PKNS malls..."Mari akak..mari abang....murah murah~! Tudung Soyuz...boleh mengangkasakan kejelitaan bini, makcik, nenek, dan awek~!". I tell you it is going to be the fashion statement of 2008. I can't wait for the coming Aidiladha~ or Raya Qurban. I'll puke at anything Russian by then.

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