05 November, 2007

Stopgap measures for varsities.

Sceptical am I? But has the recent survey on varsities have proved my case true? Sorry, but I am not sorry really. So after one juncture to the next the higher education is still facing the same problem. QUALITY~ Simply why? It's that target of numbers versus QUALITY is the whole problem. Now you want to employ foreign lecturers? Why only now? All local varsities have their mighty plan and aspirations. But I will continue to laugh at UiTM.

Is this a personal swipe? Maybe, but I don't really care now. Across all the higher education institutions there seems to be a common problem. Each VC want to carry on a glory. But they seem to fail in seeing the point. Education is not a field to carry on glory. No one gets away with making a public statement and not being scrutinised by the public.

Aspiring to be "World Class", "Asian hub for research", "internationally recognised", "Top university in the world"....all are very good targets indeed. But just merely saying and not ensuring steps are taken to improve is really no point. More like wasting resources is more like it. Just walk into any public university and take a look see of the condition of facilities our students have to live with. At the same time take a look at the facilities that the lecturers have to live up with to educate our children. Everything surely looks good from the outside~ try looking deeper and you will see poorly maintained facilities.

The lecturers are poorly paid, work long hours, have to kiss ass to get that recommendation for promotion and pay rise and generally the stresses of teaching thousands of students in less than desirable ratios. Now think~ think very hard~ how now brown cows is there going to be any improvement? Plus the cheek to employ foreign lecturers to boost QUALITY? Start with what is wrong inside before sourcing for outside help. PLEASE.

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