28 November, 2007

Survey results a good gift for Pak Lah?

The survey SPR did on the people's confidence on the government is said to be a good birthday gift for Pak Lah. I am not really sure if I would be happy to get stacks of survey results on my birthday if it reads anything less than 80%. However looking at the recent state of things it could have been worse. So good is actually great here.

There is still uncertainty in the air. What we all like to know is that how much rise in the cost of living is expected and would the recent raise that the civil servants got be sufficient? Plus workers of the private sector can be very worried too~ Although business has been fairly good but the increment can be only marginal. Even Maybank employees did a picket at Maybank's HQ.

Pak Lah has pacified the civil servants, but what can be done for the people who are in the private sector? Some might get the good money but majority are paid really low~ This is based on my own experience as well as asking my friends who has just graduated from their degrees. Starting pay is always below RM2000.

So we have the developments in the northern and southern landscapes. Foreign investors are pouring in to set up shop here and perhaps the standard of living will rise. Certainly there would be many left that could not afford to even pay for rent. Alright, so what else can the 68 year old Prime Minister do for the people? I suggest call for elections as soon as possible. The confidence should be spiking after reading the survey right?


M-Factor said...

Survey result could be manipulated. If this 68-yr-old man is capablen, things wouldn't be like this today! And bear in mind that next yr expect the price hike for majority of daily used items, and surely there woldn't be any control of it as this PM still in honeymoon mood now and can't think of when is the best election date.

KY said...

state of affair isn't exactly great as of now, i wonder how they obtained the approval ratings