20 November, 2007

Teach kids how to manage stress?

My question is how do we do this? Managing stress is not like managing homework. So ultimately stress is something which kids can't really relate to. But somewhere I read that kids should be taught on how to manage stress.

I think it is their elders that should be managing their stress instead of barking and yelping it out to them. Kids for one would not know what exactly stress is. I know I didn't know what it was until I got into college.

It makes kids are the one to be at fault. Which is not true. For instance the recent case where a 12 year old girl hanged her self. She was supposedly depressed from getting bad grades for her UPSR. Actually it is not really a hopeless result. Just a few "B"s and a C. But the pressure was on her to perform from witnessing that her sister got a couple of "A"s. But what actually drove her to hang her self. We wont know now would we? She is gone.

Ultimately the parents may have the right to inquire the hospital for not acting fast enough to save their daughter but again it would have happened at all if there was proper positive motivation. There might be aspects of her daily life with the family that could have build up and finally cracking.

I don't think it was stress at all. I bet for a child to be driven to suicide would have to endure a lot from the parents as well. It does not take a kid much to go mental. All it takes is the daily pestering by the family members and the comparison made each time. Basically it could be the daily picking.

It's not about managing stress...how would a kid know that. It is the people around her that forced her to opt for such a tragic end. The ones to blame are all still alive.

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