18 November, 2007

Thank You Professor : Ex -Lepers get new home.

No, the thank you does not go to the VC of UiTM. At least not just yet. It goes to one of my readers. Although not in agreement with me and obviously is sentimental over the mono-ethnic varsity I am still very much appreciative that this particular reader highlighted to me the whole article published in Metro that ex-Lepers from the now demolished Lepers Center in Sungai Buloh has gotten new homes.

I would paste the whole article here but it is pretty long~ Just kindly refer to the comments in my previous post. Apparently I was also told that I did not know what I was doing. Well....let me just highlight one line from the report:

"Walaupun kami menghadapi situasi getir, namun berkat usaha dan doa semua warga universiti, akhirnya projek ini dapat diteruskan juga dan isu yang timbul dapat diselesaikan dengan cara baik dan berkesan."

It is clear that the varsity had done some mistake somewhere that some of the ex-lepers had to stay in makeshift shacks for a short time. But it is commendable and in admiration that the management of UiTM rectified the matter as quickly as possible. Thus in the presence of the media, the VC presented the keys and RM7k each to the families effected so that he has proven that the mistake has been corrected and to redeem the credibility of the varsity. Hats off to Ibrahim Abu Shah.

Owh and just one more thing~ thank you for presenting my other half with her Honours Degree in Records Management in the Varsity's 67th convocation. There is still a lot more to be done. My critique really has a good cause. If my words can't be taken positively I am very sorry~ I am just pointing out the obvious.

Report carried in NST.

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