07 November, 2007

UiTM's buys 91.8ha land in Bertam.

The mono-ethnic varsity expands yet again. This time is to build more facilities to offer medical courses. As of now UiTM have to large sites for expansion. One is UiTM campus 2 just before Puncak Alam currently undergoing construction and this site in the Northern region of Malaysia.

After the recent varsity survey which UiTM scored only a "good" rating the push for quantity over quality if pretty much evident. However I question the resources that needs to be pooled for lecturing the thousands of intake per semester when construction is completed. If it is anything to go by the resolute teaching resource will no doubt be sourced from overseas to maintain and increase the quality of graduates that this varsity churns out every six months or so.

So while new infrastructure is being built the current ones are still in a bad state and human resources in educating the undergrads are already spread too thin to be really effective.

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