07 November, 2007

UMNO not racist but we have racial based politics.

Talking through his nose I suppose is the most apt way of saying it. Khairy must have not read the papers yesterday. Referring to his boss (Hishamuddin) as a moderate politician he forgot to also refer to what his boss said on Malaysian politics. Our politics is Racial based, no doubt about that. But now Khairy claims that UMNO is not racist and do not have a racist agenda. Hmmm...contradicting, very contradicting.

Commencement of more bullshit is certainly ripe for the next few days. Plus more name calling and other childish traits of this childish irrational politician. Lets see who be the monkey at the end of day. I bet you even monkey cover their ears when having listened to his bull crap. Smart but certainly not wise....perfect for fetching the morning newspaper for his boss.

Full report in NST.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Where the fuck is the MALAYSIAN agenda?

Malay agenda, Chinese agenda my big ass. UMNO is racist. MCA is racist. MIC is racist. The mere definition of a party that only certain races can join is racist.

How about a Malaysian agenda, you fucking money-grubbing politicians?