14 November, 2007

Uncle Lim says Royal Commission is imminent.

Looks like the outlook is almost certain. Uncle Lim says all 3 of the Haidar Team had one common recommendation it is priority and imminent that a Royal Commission is set up to further deal with a full uninterrupted and in depth investigation.

So Pak Lah can't really say no now can he? Those who had a hand in the deal and are now living a good life should be pissing in their pants now. How will this effect Pak Lah's merry bumbling fumbling men? Well, if they are clean then no worries. The recent turn of events is certainly not prime~ BN as stubborn and ignorant they can be should be aware that now it is a no more hiding situation.

Let us just hope that the Commission gets set up proper and bring down those "cult pricks" hard. Can we also have a vote of no confidence for the current government? Can we now have a fair and clean election? Can we have incompetent ministers be thrown out of office? The rakyat again has to be patient. One day at a time they say...just as long all the corrupt goes down.

Link to Uncle Lim's entry on this the issue.

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