06 November, 2007

What if? Is there what if in UMNO?

I clearly understand aspirations, dreams and ambition. But to as far as imagining that all Malay students be registered with UMNO is a bit flying a kite too high. Datuk Seri Najib Razak may have this heaven of a scenario in his head but that is it. No more will it be just a figment of his imagination. If I were an UMNO leader I won't want all Malay students to be UMNO members. That thought alone does not fulfil democracy in a sense.

I may also say that all he said is a bag of crap. But that might be a bit to harsh, I'll rephrase it as a "highly imaginative". What he envision is a garden of Eden in the Malay Agenda. But what is the Malay Agenda? Why is that every UMNO gathering this words are always said out loud? For starters UMNO itself is registered in English.

So is it entirely for all Malays? Or is it just for members only? I figure it is for members only. Well, majority of the benefits is for members. For the RM1 paid for membership it might be the cheapest club there is. Club? What~!!! Yes, you read it right. It's a club. Because if benefits is only to be mostly gained by members than it is a club.

In retort of the whole Keris thing that his nephew does. Predominantly there is nothing wrong with unsheathing a keris, kissing the blade and placing it back. But it's the fact that it was waved around in the air like a lunatic running amok that scares the crap out of people. Just imagine if that bloody thing dropped while Hishamuddin was carried among party members and sliced through the scalp of some poor kampung chap. Would he be waiving it around anymore?

To know which is more important is in fact bloody important. Between worldly knowledge and religious knowledge, it only serves to weaken us? What kind of statement is that to be coming from a Muslim? I bet Pas and religious clerics has a lot to say about it. To differentiate what is important is a sense to know what needs to be done. How can it serve to weaken us? I simply do not agree to such a simplistic reasoning and conclusion. Closing of the Muslim mind should not be thought as a waste. In fact it is not at all.

Any righteous mind will always need constant feedback and discussions. To close this means that there will be no check and balance of actions. This will undeniably disrupt the whole democratic system in the first place. The whole function of the Law and order system will cease to function as it should and the whole country will be sucked dryto the bone. Rampant with corruption, deceit, prejudice and injustice.

What a kick off to a week that I guarantee you will be full of bullshit, empty promises and even more lies as well as brainwashing. Owh and just before I forget....

Happy Diwali to all my Indian brothers.

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