13 November, 2007

What is the next step after BERSIH?

It does not come to me as a surprise at all. After the BERSIH rally some form of follow up was soon to follow no matter how small and childish it was. I supported the rally entirely on a rakyat's point of view. However it can't be helped that many organizations involved did not have the formal credibility to do so and followed the heels of the opposition. Well, not at all was it a waste but it left some people laughing mostly from the ruling party.

No matter if it was a fake laugh and denial or not the rally showed that tens of thousands are indeed concerned when it came to the votes they cast for the GE. Now 3 days later BN and SUHAKAM has their websites infiltrated and made a mess of irresponsible parties. Proof of who did it exactly is not known although the Indonesian Flag was posted on SUHAKAM's defaced website. Conclusions could not be made if it was really the Indonesians. Heck if I was hacking into the BN's website I might as well just post images of Adolf Hitler and a large Swastika.

I have a suspicion that the defacement was the doing of some opposition quarters. It may not be official but just think about it. Why should Indonesians deface a Human Rights and BN's website? Perhaps there is a point which I do not see. Still I do think that the act is very immature. Regardless of who did it.

What should be the most rational and mature way of dealing with such a mass pressure on the transparency of the GE? I say one group should host all the mass peaceful protest in the streets and another group should hold dialogues and talk to the government and the authorities to ensure a more democratic way of achieving their targets.

It would be very much better to fight in 2 fronts simultaneously. This way the government will have a bit more in their heads since they are hit on both sides. Ok, I might be underestimating the ability of the ruling party to be ignorant. Perhaps what Rafidah Aziz says is true. Foreign investors are not bothered about the opposition. But of course they are not.....because the money is with the ruling party. Everything is controlled by the lopsided "Blue Scale". Where else would foreign investors ask for the approvals then?

So the opposition has to act really smart and not act too hastily. They have done the rally when UMNO is at it's strongest point in the year. The time when members gets freebies, make new friends, spend more time in KL to spend their ill gained cash as well as act like they are all like Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear. So the next step is very crucial, in fact if there is disunity amongst the opposition than that will give BN every reason to carry a front page news with the title "I TOLD YOU SO".

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