15 November, 2007

What is there to ask Nazri? Tell your boss to just set up the Royal Commission lah!

Dilly Dally Dilly Dally and Dilly Dally~ That is all what they are good for, apart the various empty promises, blunders, and you can name the rest pretty much accurately. Now from one panel straight to another?

Hats off to Nazri Aziz. Again as smart as he could possibly be another snaking lie abd bullshit he is brewing. The Haidar team has made recommendations so why the hell you need to discuss the matter further?

You say you have not read it yet? Heck~ It concerns the country's judiciary for God's sake. But yeah it is typical of AAB cohorts...all bantai say I dunno, I dunno and more I dunno!

Report from NST.

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