19 November, 2007

Wonderkid and Minister get bludgeoned for obvious reasons.

It’s a year end race. Everyone gets interviewed by international media agency. But the risk is apparent. Effectively only one so far has survived. The rest were beaten to just stuttering and contradicting statements as well as rubbish English. No matter, the show always goes on. Not much difference there.

Nazri Aziz and Khairy. A minister and the Wonderkid got slapped by their own words without thinking first. Well, obviously nothing less is expected by Khairy. But Nazri Aziz simply put more bad name to the cabinet. Unable to answer with confidence and instead speaking with raised voices shows that the strain is building. He should ease on the daily salt intake.

I don’t care of what they say really. It does not make much of a difference to us. But it seems the international media loves any country on the verge of a possible political revolt. Sensational news sells they say.

However, may I add that Nazri was not talking like a minister. He was talking as a politician. Trying to use glossy words still could not save him from coming unprepared. In just 2 steps he came tumbling like a deck of cards. Khairy just stood there and merely repeated what Nazri said. Effective suck-up.

Everyone says that the media is this and the media is that. But what strikes me is that even the minister is not acting as minister but instead is carrying the colours of his party. Also both Wonderkid and minister displayed perfect synergy of delivering ignorance.

It is really entertaining but very disturbing indeed. At this points in time it has become clear as to who is actually working more for who. And Nazi critically displayed that beyond any reason of doubt.

Wonderkid was just common stuffing. I don’t want to go into them defending their fame trip. It is all to familiar and ultimately boring. However it was really astonishing to know that Nazri was actually conscious that the whole world was watching. So thanks to the internet the blogging community did put pressure on the chap and the government.

It simply goes to show that socio-political blog authors (whom are just a minority as Nazri have said before) may have some form of influence greater than he expected. Owh…the Wonderkid was excellent garnishing to keep the punch lines coming.

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