22 November, 2007

You are crazy~! No I am not, YOU are~!!!

This is what I call a ping-pong battle. Lingam says his brother is a loose nut and bolt and his brother denies it and accuses Lingam of being involved in judiciary corruption. From just a silent war, looks like it looks set to be a very vocal one.

This puts a new twist in the term of sibling rivalry. Now it is all confusing. On the surface credibility is not V. Thirunama Karasu (Lingam brother) side. His brother claims to have proof that Thiruma is a mental suicidal patient. But come to think of it if someone is threatened to the core of their balls who wont crumble under the pressure and perhaps even turn looney?

Bare in mind that this goes as long back as 1998. People can go all looney in less than a year given extreme mental pressure. Anyway a lawyer like Lingam certainly has plenty of resources to get the pieces together and certify anyone looney. So I don't see Lingam could easily dismiss his brother's claim. At least the chap will have to go through a lot of trouble.

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Anonymous said...

The allegation that his brother is insane is an ingenious smokescreen to delay the probing of the facts of the case.

Dato Lingam has put up his first line fo defence which requires the focus to be on the insanity part rather than the alleged horse trading that went on.

Did Dato Lingam continue to instruct his brother to do the legwork after he was deemed to be insane or did it stop then? If he continued, then this insanity plea may not hold up.