10 November, 2007

You can just sell about anything.

My previous post was dabbling the idea of a headscarf named after the Russian rocket that sent the first Malaysian to space. Suddenly the idea didn't really sound half bad at all. The design of the fabric need not look like a space helmet or has moon and stars on them just calling it "Soyuz" would be enough to get local Muslim women into a frenzy.

Which such a business idea might just work. On top of that the possibility of selling it online can be a real smacker. Just a simple website and a ecommerce software that can handle orders and generate sales reports. Some nifty efficient shopping cart could handle the potential surge of orders when the hype catches it peak.

Ashop seems to have a pretty solid shopping cart suite. Plus there is a free trial period. So if you like it, buy it. But the features is for the novice and professionals alike. Integration with accounting software, supports plenty of product comparison sites like Froogle and BizRate. Seamless integration of various pricing tiers for single, bulk or B2B purchase. Not to mention a very comprehensive web marketing tool to promote your products online. The price is also reasonable and the options list is configurable to your needs. Seems like a good deal considering the probability of this space exploration themed head scarf should be THE fashion accessory of the year.

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