10 November, 2007

Zam zam ziltch~! Zam takes a swipe at Uncle Lim.

Zainuddin Maidin is taking the fight to the masses. Uncle Lim just expressed his views in plain simple honesty and this Zam starts purging like "Monyet termakan sambal belacan". So called "Helping" uncle Lim is a childish tirade to defame the man using national resources in the form of RTM. So some tax payers money is again used to fund a fit of constipated scuffle between Zam (governemnt) and Lim (opposition).

What is wrong in someone publishing his views on his own expense? Zam's sarcasm definitely has striked a new high in childish politics that he seems so accustomed to. Now perhaps Uncle Lim will just reply in a Karaoke Song dissing him "will the the dark uninformative minister please stand up?" to the tune of Eminem "The real Slim Shady".

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