27 December, 2007

Arresting without warrants, detaining without reason, human rights in this country a bluff

Lets stop pretending. Let us stop saying that it is all OK. Because seriously it is not OK and something is seriously wrong. Unlawful arrests and detention with baseless charges is occurs very often in this country. This reminds me of a comic character called Judge Dread. He goes on saying his famous quote~ "I am the LAW". But that is fiction and it works as a selling point to sell comics.

Comically, our police are no where close to the fictitious character. They dont ride super muscle bikes like in the comic nor do they carry guns with bullets of multiple purpose and calibre. Plus, compared to Judge Dread....our police uniforms are like soiled towels after a football match. Still they act as if they own the country.

Do they? Actually the people owns this country. We work the soil, harvest the crops, develop businesses selling products and services, tend to the sick and the needy, care for the children, put clothes and a roof over their heads. The police do nothing of that sort. They demand higher pay and they got that. They wanted better benefits, and they have that. Still they arrest whoever they like just because they feel like it.

I have worn cuffs before~ Not because I was caught for some illegal activity but just to get the feel of it at some Law enforcement expo during my schooling years. It does not feel pleasant at all. It feels dark, cold and very scary...especially for a kid like me at that time. But I guess every few hours or so in this country someone gets cuffed, hauled and manhandled like they are convicted scums of earth and denied the right for them to hear what are their rights are as a citizen.

Bribery is still going on~ Even after that very generous pay hike. Now what is wrong? Can't citizens of this country have any say any more? What does it take to realize that the police has abused their powers and are infact acting like gangsters. They hit, whack and bully those they arrest. Where is the discipline? Where is the "Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah"? All down the drain perhaps.

Anyone has the right to fight back and resisting arrest if their rights are not read to them and the warrant for arrest is not produced or a charge is not read to them clearly. Police are humans and they make mistakes and they can be influenced. We are humans and we have rights and we can fight. So, why not just do that and spit these merry bumbling boys in blue smack in their face and say shoot me if you dare. The Royal Malaysian Police have lost their credibility for merely being tools of bullying by those certain people running this country.

Correct me if I am wrong~ And only if I am wrong. Otherwise go bite your own bullet.

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