06 December, 2007

Bloggers need not fear.

Read the Sun today and you'll know why. Only super seditious blogs or forums will get the knock down. Now that is comforting. But do the authorities really know what they are doing? In the article they admit that they are finding it hard to pin point who did the seditious entries plus some blogs having it hosted out of this country seems to deter them into probing deeper.

So in the end they are just catching whoever they can who are indeed within their knowledge capacity. That is pretty limited at best. Somehow there is a slow transition. Perhaps soon the Government will see how important it is to have socio-political blogs write about them every once in awhile. I always think that not only the opposition should be the check and balance but the people to could do their part.

Bloggers are more closer to the ground. We mingle and interact with people across the ranks of life. Pretty much its a hands on view and the info would be ideal to be shared with as many people as possible. So condemning bloggers as entirely people filled with hatred is very wrong. There are even haters of the government within the government itself.

So dear fellow bloggers... do not stop. Keep on at it. Dig and dig and dig but always do it ethically. I am certainly enjoying it to a point especially when fellow bloggers leave comments and I always try to make it a point to give them feedback. It's a discourse, not a political campaign where you just sit and listen to what that prick behind the rostrum has to say.

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Trashed said...

I would even suggest that the authorities work WITH the Bloggers to enhance their internet forensic methodologies.

In this way, all parties across the divide can work together to weed out the nasty ones such as cyber troopers sent by politicial parties whose objective is to be agent provocatuers.

Unless they have reasons not to join hands with bloggers ?