18 December, 2007

Charges dropped for attempted murder.

To start it of as if it was a logical thing to do. A whole bunch of Hindraf supporters faced the possibility of being sent to jail for attempted murder. Out and out the charges were ridiculous~! Charge them for assault and psychical harm can be understandable.

I wonder which end of the bottle were they peeking into to decide the charge in the first place. At least now they have retracted the charges~ which means they are pretty much sober already. From one stand point, I think that the 31 held for attempted murder charges might have broken a few records. One, the highest number to be charged at one go for attempted murder and second, the highest number of Indians charge in one case at any one time.

Now Pak Lah finally decides to wake up and do something about the predicament of Indians in the country.I guess now he knows that 8% out of the whole country's population could cause so much trouble and incur losses and destruction of public facilities. Now talking alone won't work Pak Lah. I''ll give the old chap 6 months max to see the improvement of Indians in this country.

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