26 December, 2007

Extremist have no place here. Is that so Pak Lah?

Is that so Pak Lah? I am a Malaysian. Proud to be one but awfully not proud of the government. Again I am not proud of those I know that have voted for them for years. But what can be said? A lot apparently...and what can be done? Even more perhaps. But what is happening? Nothing? Well, that is almost the case.

What has been done so far? Are Extremists a part of the system? I think it is the core of the system. Lets look around...there is extreme bribery. The every day Malaysian is bound to have given at least RM20 to a policemen once in his or her lifetime of driving. What about District Officers? They get more then cash~ they get free tickets by the hundreds to amusement parks like Genting and Sunway Lagoon. Town Council men? Haahaa~ This is the best I think. They can buy state land at the price of peanuts when others who submit tender papers are told to pay in the excess of tens of millions.

What other extremism exists? The most recent ones are Extreme road blocks. Don't blame the groups to stage the protests. Blame you and your merry men for not paying attention to details to the smaller people below. When one of your policeman get his head split open then your merry public prosecutors slaps 15 people with a murder charge. Doesn't make sense. The judiciary crisis is conveniently masked. I have not heard anything since the report by the Haidar 3 are forwarded to your merry idiotic men headed by Nazri.

We have extreme asses for Ministers. Need I name them? They are more than capable than the 3 stooges in giving out statements and trying to cover your incompetent government. So, for pointing fingers out to the public, remember....there are 4 of your own sleeping fingers pointing back. It is more than just catching up that you have to do now.

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