27 December, 2007

God, Tuhan and Allah

Not a fair topic to discuss but it is important nonetheless. Before I proceed any further need I remind my kind readers that I am a Muslim. However I will try to decipher this situation that the courts has their ass binded in and the rights for non-muslims to use "Allah" to refer to God universally.

I understand that between these two religion it has the same basic foundation. Both have prophets and messengers of God. But the understanding of many things are vast and very different. Let us not side step the issue, the core of it is "is it right for non-Muslims to use "Allah" in their publications and their understanding of God?".

In my humble opinion NO. Reason being is that although Christians and Muslims know there is only one God both cannot refer to God as the same. Firstly being that we carry out our worshipping very differently. Our practices to fulfil our faith are worlds apart. I am not saying Christians has their way doing all wrong. I have no right to say that. But I can't dare say that Islam has it all wrong either.

What seems to be the real problem here is that the use of "Allah" in publications other than those preaching and teaching Islam may cause great confusion not only amongst Muslims but Christians as well. Of course those bickering about the issue are adults and we can differentiate between the two religions fairly but what about children?

Children have such simplistic minds that they are not able to think any deeper than what their knowledge of their religion allows. Thus it is a very crucial standing point here to make it very clear that "Allah" can only be used when it is referred to God in Islam. Imagine the confusion that it might raise if this matter is utterly blown out of control.

I wouldn't want my Christian friends to think that we Muslims are a sure selfish lot which in fact we are not. As much as how Muslims fear of more and more of them convert to Christianity, Christians should be worried too not to confuse fellow followers into thinking Islam and Christianity are the same.

Besides, it is only one word. But I assure you even from one word it can be such a big issue that one the line of tolerance has snapped it would be a point of no return. So I implore Christian publications please not to use "Allah" but instead use Tuhan or God. This is so no one is mislead into following a religion blindly and no further debate when it comes to religious issues. I would like to still walk and enjoy company of my Christian friends without the fear of loosing it all over just one word.


Anonymous said...

What confusions? Maybe the people of Islam in Malaysia afraid that they might convert to be a Christian because of thje word Allah? How you describe people in Arabs living with christians and muslims? Those christians use Allah too and majority of Islam Arabs never complains about that. Why Malaysia? Is my fellow Muslims friend here are extremist too! Oh my God!

Rauff said...

We can't compare situation here and of those in other countries. We have different culture and understanding. I am merely referring it to the situation and mentality that we have in Malaysia. I didn't mean to offend anyone. Just finding the fine thin line.

Dazed and confused said...

It is a thin line and obviously a highly sensitive one.

However, taking the example of children being innocent to the manipulation of "adults", let us suppose that the people of the Christian faith agree that Allah refers to the Islamic God in Malaysia.

How do you explain to them that when you go to Egpyt (for example), Allah is also the Christian God ?

Anyway, I don't have the answers. Is this part of our glocalisation impetus that even religion is manipulated to divide the rakyat ? We will always be playing catchup with the rest of the world if Malaysia continues with its tempurung outlook.

Anonymous said...

That's what I'm trying to say here. The whole world knows that those Jews, Christians and Muslims came from the same descent of Abrahamaic monotheism faith. There is no confusion about this and all of them have their own books of code namely the Taurah, Injil and the Holy Koran. There is no confusion too! But it seems that these Malaysian government running the show as if they are really those people like 'katak bawah tempurung'! The Malaysian government was indeed a confused lamers.