31 December, 2007

Hike is inevitable. Subsidies will make the country bankrupt.

I could give a damn and make a fuss over price hike in fuel and toll rates. But lets face it, we will forever make noise about it and nothing will keep the prices from climbing. So should this be alarming?

Depends, the way I see it is that if fuel price increases it should be more cause for our industries to start being green. Lets face it, we polute our air so bad that we have a haze season. Unofficially we have 3 seasons in a year then. A rainy season, dry season and now hazy season. Yeah, I know that most of it is caused by our neighbour Indonesia but what to do?

DPM has made it clear that do not hope of no price increase for fuel. Well at least he is being honest for once. What good would this do for the economy. Well, look at it this way~ More commercial vehicles that runs on diesel will be bought plus motorcycles will be a favourite transport for urbanites. We will be just like Japan or China!

Public transportation will be more popular and hopefully there will be lesser jams. But I prefer driving on my own. I can't really explain it. I just love motoring. For the many car nuts out there I think more time will be spent on just polishing their cun cars instead of cruising in them around the city. I even noticed that there are more superbikes around these days. I practically see no less then 10 a day.

For one bad indication give the same amount to the good side. But what more can we ask? Instead of bickering on prices, prices and prices why not concentrate more in getting more business? 2008 will be a very tough year but even more exciting economically. Businesses was booming in most parts of this year. Should there be any difference for 2008? I hope not.

The part where we have to pay more attention would be towards our environment. It has been neglected for far too long and with fuel prices going up and up it should be a good time to clean up. Those with meagre pay however will be very cross~ But companies should share some of their wealth to their employees. Which I know some are not. Earning millions and millions a year but do not appreciate what their human resource has done for them.


KLsparrow said...

The fuel hike began years ago! Citizens will just have to get used to it. Afterall what can one do? Can't even plant tapioca and live off the land- cos I ain't got no land!

moo_t said...

If it shoot to the roof top, guess what happens?
Do you know that
- Fisherman depends on diesel subsidiaries
- Factory need diesel subsidiaries to compete
- TNB got the subsidiaries
- Farmer also got a shares
- TOL operator need more car user to make more money
- All GLC, air and shipping (you know who) are profiteering from fuel subsidiaries

Did you see the conflict here?

The government don't have goal to fix this. Just waiting for the last straw to break the camel back.

nad~ said...

Its actually a good thing for govt to give the subsidies esp. if its channel to the right people-kalau bg kat org kaya tak payah cite la.If they didnt subsidies for our petrol,then we need to pay according to market value which is so damn high than what we pay rite now-u know rite its $100per barrel in US?

Well actually govt should stop the production and selling of the cars in malaysia.Dah tau petrol makin naik,jalan makin jem-more new car user on the road driving like shit.,lagi stress la org malaysia ni ;p