14 December, 2007

ISA = Immediate Screwing Action

It has begun. What has come to a country which uses it's ultimate move instead of a round table meeting? No doubt that the 5 detained do pose a risk but not that much until it could cause a civil war. At least I don't think so. Each of them do not own their milage on their movement. So why did the government do it?

I figure it is to show that whoever it is and whatever it may be the wildcard can be used just to anyone they fancy. I bet kids too can fall prey to the turds we call leaders. At the same time it should serve as a reminder that the people have to be a few steps ahead when wanting the government to implement changes.

Anything done peacefully I support fully but once the destruction of public property and violence pops up it should be controlled and eradicated as soon as possible. I would rather not point fingers to anyone in particular. Lets us all point our fingers to ourselves first and ask....what led to this predicament?

It started from us voting the wrong people. It started from us not keeping tabs of the performence of the representatives we choose. It is from the fact that we are afraid of change and challenges. That is why we have the same leaders in office for the past 20 years. That is why only a select group are profitting while most of us are just marginally improving.

It still makes the economy grow but the market has an intentional limitation. So the immediate effect when everyone realize the mechanics is utter disbelief and disappointment which slowly changes to anger of wondering how on earth did some people have the heart to cheat on those who voted for them. Dramatic? You bet.

So it is a plot that has been left to brew for at least the past 25 years. Now the sucker punch is ripe for deployment. For the 5 that are detained....I don't really feel sorry for them since they asked for it but still I believe that the government could use some other friendlier way and avoid using the Immediate Screwing Action. My thumbs down goes to both sides.


Freethinker said...

I fully agree HINDRAF was asking for the ISA..

Maniam said...

its good to see Hindraf to ISA. Same goes to other extremists as well such as Al Maunah which doesn't fall under ISA but much worse, death penalty

Trashed said...

The government could charge them in court under the Sedition Act and still keep these 5 persons in jail.

Right now, they are in jail under ISA but the govt doesn't NEED to charge them with any thing for 60 days. After that, it is up to the whims of the govt, in cycles of 2 years detention.

So, I believe that there are alternatives to bring these alleged perpertrators of violence to justice. One is innocent until proven guilty or is it the other way around ?

If murderers, robbers, Mat rempits and the like can be charged in court for their misdeeds, these Hindraf 5 should also be charged in court.

Please note - I am not saying these fellows are innocent. I'm just saying charge them in court for their specific misdeeds and let them take the punishment, if guilty.