28 December, 2007

Mixed feelings on Subhashini.

The media is portraying that marriages by other faiths converting to Islam is a big problem. I wonder why? But again Muslims will not tolerate those who drop Islam in favour to other religions. Subhashini's case is one such case where it has caught the media's attention since it is an interesting tale to begin with.

I can see that in these modern times religion can in fact be compromised. But sometimes it is compromised in ways that it shouldn't in the first place. I am no expert in my own religion but let there be a fair amount of tolerance.

Subhashini's case is only stuck because of technicalities. All that she needs to do is file for a new application. I figure that the court has been fair enough and that the civil courts can proceed with her case even if her husband has filed another one in the Syariah court.

I sympathise her plight for her child, I really do. No mother need to be separated from her kids regardless if her kids are of different faiths. I know the question remains that the kids conversion cannot be accepted. But lets put it simply....why not when the kid reaches the age of 12 he or she will be given a chance to make a decision. To either stick with the conversion or revert. Besides, I bet the kid has some rights too.

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nose blocked said...

I'm not a lawyer but how come the "technicality" was not found out when the case was in proceedings at the lower courts ? Does this mean that the lower court judges don't quite know the administrative procedures ?

Smells fishy to me.