27 December, 2007

My thank yous to Pak Lah, Samy and the IGP.

What is a concerned citizen has to do to get truthful news in this country? The official media portrays that all is well but blogs and international news agency says otherwise. Anwar has begun to put his words through all states in Malaysia. The Ex-DPM has people listening for what he has to say in the thousands. While Samy Vellu got jeered and booed by the hundreds at least. Pak Lah keeps saying that everything will be looked into.

I have read many blogs and other news forms and it's safe for me to say that the sentiment against the current government is as strong as ever if not stronger. You Tube tells a very vivid picture with a lot of video posted on everything concerning the recent events in the country. I find it saddening that the government does not recognize the people's wishes and requests. The police are called gestapo or amiably called "Polis Raja Malaysia". At least the bunch of my friends are calling them that. I just refer to them as popo.

What is there for us Malaysians? I feel that I have sold my citizenship to the devil. I am not calling anyone specifically but take a look around. Those who just shut up and blindly follow are safe and those that question a bit too much gets dragged into lock-ups. I am disappointed, very cross and feel very useless until the next elections are called. My Indian friends do not feel safe and wearing yellow or orange on weekends is not an option anymore. The paranoia is very real.

Anwar is rallying supporters. What are his motives I have no idea but still I remain skeptical. My Prime Minister just keeps on mumbling at random and his actions are even more random. Not to point that he does everything wrong but even a cub scout makes more noise and gives out orders more than him. At ground level it is very easy to see and make a conclusion that he is doing nothing. Keeping the people in the dark is not a very good idea.

Public areas are no longer public...any gathering more than 3 is a considered a crime so what are we suppose to do? Dating is it? What has 2007 end up to be? Thank you Pak Lah for deterring me from enjoying my weekends in the city. Thank you Samy for allowing me to listen to my Indian friends pissing on the very mention of your name and the plight of Indians nationwide. And thank you IGP for allowing me to witness all my friends giving your subordinates the middle finger whenever they pass them. I bet all of you are bloody proud.


Trashed said...

One of my greatest disappointments is that the PM has not taken the lead in the most importnat issues of the day, leaving it to others to make the noise (and that's what it is - noise).

This leads to a sense of loss from within, as it appears that what was once thought of as the direction that a multi-ethnic, religious and cultural melting pot is being slowly manipulated by the noise makers to be ethno, religious and cultural centric to one political party's interest.

This is not democratic at all and the KPI of this country reflects the decline in perception and performance.

If the leadership focuses on creating a bigger pie for all instead of creating new ways to divide the pie, this country will be so prosperous that all Malaysians would be proud of.

pablopabla said...

I think Malaysians should give Anwar a chance (when the opportunity arises) to be a member of the opposition party in Parliament. He would be a formidable opponent indeed based on his eloquence and experience as a former DPM.

For governance, we still need BN around (because realistically, I don't think any of the opposition parties are ready to govern the country) but for checks and balances, a bigger representation of opposition members should be voted in. For so many years, BN has been bulldozing their way through with various policies which may be questionable.

Hopefully, with a bigger number of opposition MPs and with the increasing use of internet media to expose truths, the ruling party would listen and be fairer to all.

Anonymous said...

The present leadership has blown it. Period. The damage it has done will haunt the nation for decades and they will forever be remembered for bringing the downfall of this once proud nation of united people.