10 December, 2007

No more media space for rally and protests.

Smart tactic. I could have thought of that but I am not a politician or a civil servant. So what should I care? In fact there is good in the rallies. It shakes people, make them wake up and listen. Popo who have been pretty much sleeping during their shifts finally have lots of things to do. They could really try out their new equipment that they bought a long time ago.

I bet the whole cleaning of the water canon truck was a very much celebrated in whichever police station that it was kept. The scarlet FRU helmet finally gets a glimpse of daylight all the way to sundown besides the normal shine from floodlights from Bukit Jalil stadium during football matches. Old elbow joints and fingers get the good 'ol workout pumping triggers launching tear gas canisters.

Sultan of Pahang says stop giving these groups of protesters media space. That should work~ no media means no information. Well, almost that is. I highly doubt that the media not publishing these reports would do much. International media just loves scavenging in this part of the world for news to spice up their boring overdeveloped lives. Of course...never forget the blogs on the world wide web. Plus~ groups in Facebook. There is like a group for every single cause. You can even have one to commemorate your pet ants death toll after that accident with Ridsect a few weeks back.

So what would make the formal media look like? Fools....no less I bet. They will loose their integrity in reporting the truth and what matters to the masses. It would be biased and tainted with political overtones. Well, as if there is not much of that going on already. Sigh~ what am I suppose to read now? I think Lat should publish another edition of his famed comic. I bet that would be even more informative.

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KY said...

"democratic" government trying to censor media? WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?