28 December, 2007

Pakistan mourns for their Queen of Hearts.

Asian politics took a dark turn today. Benazir Bhutto who is portrays as a champion for Women in a traditionally male dominant Pakistan was assassinated. I find it hard to believe and comprehend. She might as well be one of the most influential women in modern times left abrupt a cavernous void in Pakistan's democracy.

I would not want to further elaborate what happened. It is enough what the international media is repeating through every means of media communication. Instead I would like to pay my deepest condolences and respect to what Bhutto could have done for Pakistan regardless if she lost the elections or not. But it is indeed sadly too late. If I was a Pakistani I will call her the Queen of Hearts. She was a mother figure to bring Pakistan up to date with the rest of the world. Nothing beats a women's touch and she did exactly that.

Although many may say that Pakistan and Bhutto holds no major significance to International politics and more specifically Asian politics I seriously would like to disagree. What more better chances was it to have Bhutto actively in politics or at least becoming a minister in the Pakistani Government. I am sure she will bring some modernization and democratize Pakistani economy to further enhance the standard of living of the citizens of Pakistan.

Now hopes has remained just a dream and worse still the dreams is now a living nightmare. I pray for her peace and that Pakistan will stand united and strong to face future challenges. Owh, how nice it would be to have a mother figure to lead such a deprived nation.

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