08 December, 2007

Perhaps it is all paranoia. Perhaps it is not,

Even if the Bersih rally was the bigger one still Hindraf has left it's mark. How far this issue will want to go through is anyone's good guess. Hindraf has it's faults but the most funny thing is that some old hack decided to say that Hindraf might have terrorist links~ the Notorious Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka.

So the orders have been given out by Pak Lah to keep a close eye on the leaders of Hindraf. So many things have been said about Hindraf~ all because they oppose the government and that their demands are met which some are just selfish.

Is the the purpose of Hindraf justified? Was their march in the city square for ill gains? Was there an outside hand involved? As good as your guess is mine as well. We would not know but it would be best to just use a much more civilised channel. Creating ruckus is as good as shooting your self in the foot.


LC_Teh said...

We may not all agree with the actions or the message...but using civilized approach has always been that much effect which results in zilch!!! So there goes the loud and more effective 'stand up and shout' effective measure...

Has walking around in tiptoes ever did anyone any good around here? I wouldn't blame them. I'd blame the ones who could do something but just kept their eyes and ears closed.

Trashed said...

The conspiracy theorists would cook up the terrorist links and perhaps in Hindraf's next activity, there may be agent provacatuers planted by the conspiracy theorists to agitate the police to justify slamming down hard on Hindraf, then Bersih then all Opposition parties.

Ops Lallang v2007.