22 December, 2007

Phd. and Masters of cheating.

Again I am utterly flabbergasted. Again I feel that those who deserve better results on their own hard work are short changed. Again I also feel that the Ministry of Higher Education and the institutions that are under their jurisdiction are lying to the country. If those participated in the recent rallies are called traitors to their country why not those who have the responsibility to ensure quality graduates are called the same? Double standards? Perhaps, but I would rather call it the "Tidak Apa" attitude.

NST carried an article on phantom writers. Writers who offer their expertise to undergraduates to complete their term papers and thesis with a price. Yes, everything has a price. I have witnessed a lot of this through my years in University. But when I shouted and defended the plight of those deserving better results I get shot down like skeet shooting. Which finally led me to getting the boot as I was against those in the higher echelons on how they do their work.

Still the morons do not see the point. Education is such a critical part of a civilized nation but yet they still do not curb illegal and sly practices. It is a very well known secret. Some advertise openly on walls of these higher education institutions for those wanting to obtain their qualification without the hassle to use their own bloody brains to write them.

So they pay like say 30 grand to go through the course and yet they pay up to 8 grand for someone to write the frigging report or thesis. Let me tell you this....it is not only those taking their Masters or Phd that does this. It starts all the way down from those taking their Diplomas. I have a friend that is good in Multimedia. During the entire final year he charged other students a cool RM250 each to have their Multimedia projects completed. Throughout that year he had over 30 projects. All the 30 projects got an above average result. I assume that is a B+.

Good for this friend of mine. He found a demand for his services and the stupid kids that was desperate were willing to pay. It was not against any formal law but ethically it was wrong. So how many graduates out there working now do not really deserve their jobs? How could they sleep soundly at night? What about those who worked their asses off and still scored miserably?

For one the lecturers could care less most of the time. As long the product handed to them fulfilled the marking scheme than it's a confirm pass. I say a good 2/5 of the graduates for the past 5 years do not deserve their qualifications. I dare say that~ because the very same amount can't even do their job right and yet they command better pay. Why? Because they cheated the system. While the good fellas are left to slog for years to obtain a better status of living.

I say shame on everyone in the system. There is no integrity, no responsibility, no sense of justice and discipline. In my field of work~ I train people from various backgrounds who are more than double my age. I command the attention of bank managers, IT managers, remisiers, software engineers, system analysts and even managing directors of various investment banks and securities. When they ask what are my qualifications I just say "Diploma". I say the papers these days are worth nothing when everyone cheats and buy their way through everything.

I'll take the challenge of any Masters or Phd. holder in my field in a head to head training or presentation. 2 out of 3 times I can tapau them nicely. So what can anyone say of that~ The qualifications they "paid" are merely fancy printed paper while their brains still remain empty or filled with just hot gasses.


Dione said...

fuckin bored dropout

bluecrystaldude said...

Actually, this kinda trend even started at the high school. Some of the students sent their projects, usually electronic projects to the get them done.

In my opinion, if you graduate with a first class honor, can't do the work but get high salary and position, your employer is definitely a moron as he can't notice who is skilled and who is not