20 December, 2007

Public Listed companies will do anything to get better margin.

This is one attitude of us Malaysians. It is so bad that even public listed companies are not spared. Software piracy and the use of it is a big deal abroad. But there it seems to be a bit of a "Tidak Apa" attitude. I am not surprised really.

When I was working for an advertising agency during the early days of my career I got so pissed that a company that pulls in tens of thousands a month uses pirated software. Guess what I did? Yes, I reported. but the company closed down before any action could be taken~ It seems the MD was swindling pay off the employees. Sad.

But in the news today I was shocked that even a public listed company does the same thing. I don't think there should be a wait until there is a report made to conduct checks or investigations. I say send out a team of 3 twice a day and randomly pick a company to do spot checks.

Because for all you know even some PCs in government offices have pirated software~ Besides~ sofware are much more cheaper these days and the added value of having a technical support at your back and call. I think original software is well worth for the money compared to 10 years ago.

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