11 December, 2007

Public safety kah UMNO safety?

Many times over I am mulling over the significance of all these protests and rallies. Many times over too have I just sat and thought why on earth the ruling party can be so arrogant. Of course the 50 years of power is surely long but can 50 years be a good cause for the ruling party to deny the people from the right of choice and freedom of speech and thought?

For as long as time could tell we all know where there is money there would be people drawn to it. Just like ants to sugar. Basic animal instinct so to speak. So now we Malaysians are at a juncture where we could very well decide if we do need a change or not. But over and over again the government states that public safety is their number one priority.

But who exactly is the public in their context? Those who voted them only? Their cronies only? Their pet iguanas and parakeets? Yes I do mean my pun here very clearly. Iguanas are lazy and parakeets are just simply noisy but don't do much but lay perched while nibbling on nuts. But at least they are pretty compared to those laying perched in power.

Anyway, what is public safety in their context really? As far as I could see, the public are those who do not support the opposition and their recent brave nationalism. So lets say you happen to walk together with all these people chanting "We want reform! We want transparency!" You are very likely to be not part of the public but a part of them. Which could risk you of being detained without trial.

ISA I suspect will soon be used. It is no different from calling a state of emergency. Whoever that are suspiciously shady will be nabbed and chucked into a cell good enough to be a dog pound. So lets say you have a membership card of the right colour...would you be spared? Maybe, perhaps a bit of leniency~ oats with condensed milk in the lock-up perhaps.

So what is public safety? Isn't the ones making the noise in rallies Malaysians too? Unless they are indeed immigrants or foreign workers being paid to wear yellow or orange on weekends. What I see is more to protect not public interest but more to protect those with the like political preference. Perhaps with the membership card you could get discounts. Like this one bunting I found at the curve next to a donut shop. Flash your UMNO membership card and get 15% off or some shit like that.

I think I'll go to the curve to get a picture of it and post it up later tonight.

Owh....my bad, It's something like Real Rewards or Bonuslink I think. Ngaahaahaa~!


anthraxxxx said...

MCA badge got discount ornot?

Rauff said...

You can try~ But don't put your hopes too high.

hcfoo said...

Whether it's for UMNO safety, I don't really care. But for public concern, yes.

SyAfA~ said...

new way eh to attract people to join the club..sounds like mickey mouse disney club to me..