16 December, 2007

Rumours: The Malaysian Habit

Instigators of public disorder can be put under the ISA. Those who co-ordinate activities in triggering public fear or worry can be put under the ISA. Those who spread rumours can be kept away from seeing daylight under the ISA. Whooaaa~ just rumours can put one behind bars without trial!!!

Lets hang on for a bit here. Sit down and think and see the logic. I do not support the existence of this ISA thingy. My definition of any law enacted should be based on the core value of upholding fairness and justice. Personally to me ISA violates that entirely. Holding anyone without charging them proper under any law is already a violation of basic human rights. But clearly some with the upper hand has decided that it is necessary. So I could just shut up right? Wrong~ I shall state clearly what I think and feel. It is my right so just as long I do it peacefully and not instigate some riot or public disorder.

Now for what that the IGP has announced on rumour mongers~ for one the rumours are specific~ Those that could spark public disorder and harm will fall under the dark cloud of ISA detention probability. So those who loves spreading rumours of your neighborhood superstars can go on doing so without worry. But this here is the thing...rumours is very much a part of our culture. Lets take some publications for example. Metro, URTV, Media and many other so called entertainment based prints are indeed inculcating the habit into our society.

So who can the government blame about the dirty habit of spreading rumours? I say it's the media. Imagine all these publications is available to anyone who can afford to buy them. That is pretty much everyone from the kids still in school all the way to their grandparents.

Rumours does not inculcate the practice of integrity. It does not promote good faith and trust. It puts many into doubting each other fellow Malaysian. A famous rumour is this one..." When you see a snake and an Indian, which one should you kill first? The Indian." Now that is simply a barbaric joke. But lets put is this way....to say all gangsters are Chinese, the lazy are Malays and the liars are Indians are just plain disgusting acts of spreading rumours. If we could eradicate this basic name calling and racist jokes and puns we could be well rid off the ones that the IGP refers to.

Now, can Malaysians just think for a bit? How from something so tiny as a bug has grown to be the ugly monster of racial hatred? For those who did spread about the illegal gathering in Kampung Baru or in any other places in this beloved country of mine I say go jump off a ledge. You are the cause of a social disease and breed like hamsters with some incurable disease. I hope and pray you die in suffering.


Trashed said...

A rumour is "an unverified account or explanation of events circulating from person to person and pertaining to an object, event, or issue in public concern" (source: wikipedia)

I'm not sure that the statement "gangsters = Chinese; lazy = Malay; liars = Indians" can be construed as "rumour" or just a sweeping statement without evidence ?

bluecrystaldude said...

I agree with trashed.

Malaysian has already opt the trend of spreading rumors. either through text messaging or e-mail. I even received ym from my friends about the kg baru rumor. The media only the platform of it, the technology is the catalyst for it.