08 December, 2007

Selangor Sultan to compile an online name list of Datukship given.

I wonder why the other states are not doing it. The effort does not cost that much and the list need only be updated heavily once a year. Sultan of Selangor certainly has an eye on IT which is very commendable. Not many at his age would bother to come to grip with a plethora of buttons and endless options on a shiny screen.

I bet the system would simply have simple search features and general info on the Datukships given. Starting first with the 2000 to 2007 batch than later the ones from 1999 to all the way back in 1960.

But I wonder how exactly important it is to have a Datukship? With such a recognition one can still be called "babi" in parliament. Makes you wonder have you voted for the right one? But lets just hope that this lists makes up online~ and all the fake Datuks can call it quits and just sweep the streets for spare change.

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