10 December, 2007

Some analyst speculate~ and ISA could be imminent

Looks like the government is putting it's foot down. But they won't admit to any responsibility of what could happen. Huh? Say that again please? It seems to me that there are some in the ranks that would love that ISA to be used if the stability of their peace is compromised.

Why do I say their peace? Well, lets look it this way. Only when that the people are oblivious of their surroundings that some people can profit with lies and slender. ISA as many would very much agree to is fit for the draconian age. Which is pretty much dead now accept that this country seem not to realize it that much. Call it comfortable ignorant bliss.

But let us not put the blame all on the government. Lets put the blame on to ourselves first. Hey, you there...yes....you....all of you are responsible. If we did not vote in the last elections for this government where would we be now? Well, certainly not in the thick of weekend rallies and colour co-ordinated jamboree right?

I want to point my finger to the bigweeds sitting on nice calf skin chairs in their towering public taxes offices but at the same time there are at least 3 more fingers pointing back at me. So this made me think....could we just keep on doing rally after rally and being shot in the arse with water cannons, smoking tears inducing projectiles and possibility of also being shot with rubber bullets?

Or we could all just shut up, lay low and act really peaceful and wait till the old man call for elections and that is when we show up in force and vote against him, and all his incompetent cohorts, which includes monkeys, madman waving sharp objects, adolescent parrot, sexists and an illiterate will just be all gone the day after.

We keep saying that our leaders are stupid but it makes us even worse off since we were stupid enough to vote for them. So who is actually really stupid now? Them or us? I have this dreadful thought that it has been us all the while. Lets try and make those in power believe that they have everything under control....make them rest onb their laurels and later chuck them out into the streets with just their boxers and grandma underpants.

I would like to quote a famous call that a famous American African leader chanted out to all his followers~~


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