02 December, 2007

This is a show of solidarity.

I got invited to attend a charity event organized largely by Indian youth. It was held in Klang Hokkien Hall with the event called Sahana to commemorate with the recent Deepavali celebrations. I was one of the only few Malays there and I bare witness that Malaysian Indians by themselves when properly organized are a really talented and hardworking bunch.

Even after the Hindraf rally it shows that a show of kindness goes a very long way. The event managed to collect RM10,000 for a home for gifted people. It was fun, it was full of love and it was a show of solidarity by the Indian community in particular the Indian youths of Klang that they do whatever they can to spread joy and happiness. I was there to witness it and it was ultimately moving.

What is Hindraf on about again?

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