26 December, 2007

UMNO youth answers it for seniors.

The streets are very quiet during the holidays, peaceful even. That is good. But the air in politics is never is. Anwar is on a campaign, a very busy man this late in the year. Samy Vellu has a bit more than highways to report on~ Temples are his staple topic of reading I bet. And the ever hyper UMNO youth are out there to answer to any allegations on behalf of their seniors.

I wonder why the senior UMNO can't answer themselves. Too busy finding money for their next campaign perhaps. Good timing for the floods to begin~ now it is a rush for all politicians to suck up to those poor voters of theirs in suffering. I could say that the situation is better planned and handled. Plus again monetary help are given to families effected. I don't think it is a payout or reimbursement of losses just a token to start rebuilding things.

A normal debate fracas and just a point to have a shouting competition. Allegations are just that. Unless any proof can be brought forward it should not cause anymore than just mumbles. But I figure everyone wants their shot to fame. Even if it is only for 60 seconds.

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