29 December, 2007

Uncle Sam - Pak Lah's Moderation and Extremism.

It's the end of a year again. Which has been very colourful if not beautiful. Malaysians are indeed a concerned lot and have matured in ways that many would have never expected. I am proud in some ways but there still seems to be many who are mislead or just simply sleeping.

Pak Lah has been for the past 2 or 3 days explained that extremism will not be tolerated. However I think that is just based on individual interpretation. I can say his extreme sleeping has let a few things slip out of his sarong. But that is just a point of view.

Moderation is also another term based on interpretation. What seems to be moderation? Tun M had extensive ideas on the MSC and honestly I don't really see much of the hoohaa now as compared to the first time it was mentioned. KLCC is just an expensive office block and an icon so to speak but it serves to be nothing else but an interpretation of the country's prosperity.

I can say all that has been built are forms of extremism too. Now Pak Lah has this plan to leave his legacy as the Northern something-something corridor is in the works. Heck...Cyberjaya and Putrajaya is still undergoing development. Making people work there is hard enough already. But lets put that aside.

Over to more tangible things. Samy Vellu seems to be oblivious that there is a growing number of people that loves to see him decommissioned from politics. Now for him is what I call political extremism to the highest decree. Why? He has been hogging that chair for far too long and I bet you that he is not thinking of letting go willingly. It is either someone whacks him off the chair or he simply expires naturally.

If by any fault that Pak Lah warrants for moderation in everything then there should be a moderate amount of subsidies and incentives for the Malays. The NEP has proven to work in one race specifically but the rest are at least in the mood to take the streets. Hindraf's actions are the slow brewing of dissatisfaction on the distribution of the county's wealth. So there is always the cause and at least one effect from it.

So a moderate action shall normally produce moderate effects and extreme actions will cause extreme effects. If only the leaders of this country can think logically then they should know when should each and everyone bow out of the scene. Yes, that is you I am talking about Samy. To me, once my own people talk crap of me and see that I no longer bring much progress I find it every reason to step down. Perhaps those hair grafts did something to your brain. Thanks to Pak Lah who has been sleeping too for it is just too convenient of him to pick you term after term.

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