06 December, 2007

What 74%? What sample?

I stared at the pages in NST in disbelief. How far is it really true? Could it be? 74% of us Malaysians think that our elections are fair. So the opinion of a 27 million nation was weighted upon only 1250 people from urban areas. Only 1250 representing 27 million~!? What kind of substance does this survey have really?

If Khairy said with a snap of his fingers he can gather 1 million UMNO youth. I can't see why not that this survey has every single result in a very doubtful predicament. Let us take a logical look... mathematically the size of sample and the total amount of voters in the country is not ideally proportioned. Next, the respondents were only said to be from urban areas.

So the media has yet again been used up very well by the ruling party. I am not against them through and through but there are certain things that I do not agree to. How true and authoritative the results of the survey can be questionable. The sampling size is very debatable and the media it is reported in as well all know is a favourite for government garnishing and fairy tale toppings. Too much sugar can make people loose their limbs~ They should get into the sun more. Could you catch my drift?

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cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

With the weather gusty, it will be a wonder if anyone can't (catch your drift).

So, if 1250 represent 27 million, I wonder how many the more than 40,000 people who went 'raya-ing' at the Istana on Nov11 represents...