30 January, 2008

It wasn't me, I dunno, not so sure lah.

This Royal Commission thing is seriously getting to be a long ass winding comedy. Not that it is least expected of. However, after reading the news for the past 3 days in bed (I am having the flu) I can't help but realizing how "Putar Belit" everyone's tongue is. So much so that I had to read the report more than once to understand it (it might be the flu).

The statement that keeps being given are non conclusive and I could understand the members of the commission feeling of frustration. Whichever way will it lead to? It is as good as throwing a coin into the ocean and finding it. Wait....I think that would be easier.

Should Lingam find the end of his noose? I hope so... should another investigation be done in the light of case fixing? I sincerely suggest it should. But lets just see what happens....as the way I see it it is played to good effect. That is to delay everything till the elections. How convenient kan?

28 January, 2008

Malays must vote for BN. Now is that so?

Sometimes idiots in power seem to forget. Whoever that voted them into power are not entirely from one race alone. It is not enough they win in the elections but they want the two thirds majority to ensure moving smoothly in whatever shit they do.

I am not sorry, and Tajol Rosli should think that his statement is laced with greed. At least that is the way I see it. So yes....Melayu~! Undilah Barisan Nasional~ so they can sweep stuff under a rug and make the rakyat believe that it is 7th heaven.

Perhaps that should be rephrased.... Oi Melayu yang mudah lupa~! Undi lah mereka yang mengambil wang cukai anda dan gunakannya untuk sebahagian besar manfaat satu kaum sahaja. Ya~! Ia adalah kaum Melayu.... tiada subsidi tiadalah Melayu. Pangkah lah BN setebal-tebal yang mungkin.

But what happens if we vote the opposition? It is pretty much the same isn't it? Inexperienced, weak fundamentals and even have jelly for spines. So I vote BN.....and shit happens....so I vote for the opposition instead....still shit happens for sure. Why? Simple.... it is us. We have been wrong for the last 50 friggin years. Blame our parents....but more importantly blame ourselves for allowing all the shit to go on and on and on.

27 January, 2008

Suharto: The Indonesian Lion passes.

In my most sincere heart I would like to bid this great ex-Indonesian leader goodbye. With all the accusations and charges of embezzling state funds and corruption is still very much debatable but as an observer and an admirer I have to say that South East Asia has lost a great man.

Once to be thought one of the most powerful man in Asia what is worth noting is the fact that the late Suharto has the the brains and influential power in all his years in Indonesian politics. He was a great speaker so much so that his influence in modern Independent Indonesia may have it's faults but the progress he brought is somewhat a mighty achievement.

I am not debating that he is ultimately a very righteous man or leader for that matter but it is as a form of respect that many may find that the man was iconic in shaping the way Indonesia is today. No doubt bar none he is the longest leader to be in power for a total of 32 years a good sum more than our own Tun Mahathir.

To his family, friends and supporters I send my condolences and I believe there is no one else as capable and as intelligent as him to come into power in many many years to come.

25 January, 2008

Case fixing is not part of Royal Commission's scope.

Whoooaa? Isn't it suppose to be? Well, Haidar said no. Logically so since the purpose of the Royal Commission is solely to determine the fixing of judge appointments especially the Chief Judge. So case fixing is not part of the scope and the BAR is not allowed to question anything about it nor it is to refer to it as evidence.

However, I think this could cause a start to an even deeper investigation. So if there is enough pressure probably there will be another commission to investigate case fixing. Well, this fixing thing is very often heard in football which I must think that it relates closely well to the Judiciary of this country.

Still, as long as the upper hand is that of some select dickheads their cronies will might as well live comfortably in their villas, drive their petrol gulping cars and picking up some 20 year old twat to savagely grind the devilish lust they all have.

24 January, 2008

Megat Junid succumed to Prostate Cancer.

UMNO veteren and ex-minister of Domestic and Consumer Affairs Megat Junid Megat Ayub passed away this morning at Pantai Medical Centre, Bangsar.

Little known fact of the man is that he is the direct descendant to Megat Terawis, a Bendahara of Perak.

Leaving wives, Puan Sri Faizah Shuaib and Ziela Jalil as well as 5 children he is to be burried today after Zohor prayers at Tanah Perkuburan Islam Bukit Kiara.


Bernama News


Lingam Limbo Mumbo Jumbo

V.K Lingam has finally spoken. For what he has to say I think it is bollocks. For how the video was shot is also bollocks. To accidentally leave the camera on for 14 whole minutes and a good part of it pointed at Lingam should be easy for an idiot to figure out.

Is the Royal Commission being taken for a ride? So far everyone is denying what is in the video. Lingam had too much too drink~? 2 and a half glasses of wine and he starts talking funny? You have got to be kidding me, or perhaps he only drinks really bloody good wine that should be expensive and limited which gives even more suspicion on how it got there (if there was that is).

Don't mind me peppering this with a bit of non-alcoholic fairytale. Because fairy tales are more realistic than what I have been reading so far.

Pak Lah makes a lot of cameos.

Could we have a yardstick on Malaysian politics? I figure we can. For a good few reasons. Politicians here are like fruit season. You know when it's in season when you see them lining up the roadside (the fruit stalls and the occasional politician squatting by his German car enjoying the fruits). So is it politician season again? I suppose so. What is better than seeing the PM making a lot of cameos, popping his head here and there.

All of the sudden we get him making announcements of holidays. Which is good but if he thinks that the people will be fooled into thinking that "since he gave a public holiday means we should vote for his party" I seriously don't think so. Fact, BN is trying very hard to ensure that they get the votes....again.

Looks like the politicians from the ruling camp is following their leader. Suddenly all are super nice. Schools getting fat allocations from the state government, minor traffic offences are given a one eye closed treatment and the public service is suddenly just super nice to you. Perhaps I maybe exaggerating here.... but if many of my friends keep saying that the old "Dacing" needs the votes every 3 sentences when politics is the topic of conversation what else could it possibly be?

Good for Pak Lah making the cameos here and there. Good for the rest of his cohorts doing the same. But do remember, we are not fools and just cameos will not warrant them an Oscar or Golden Globe nomination. I think we Malaysians are far more smarter than that. We watch American Idol. Hahahah~!

23 January, 2008

My apologies for the absence.

What can I cay? A lot. Unfortunately because of some mistake which Advertlets did caused this blog to be blocked and suspended for a good few weeks. However the problem is solved now and I think I shall not be running ads from Advertlets anymore. I had a lot of e-mails from many people. Some readers, some friends and some from family asking did get into trouble with the government because of what is written in Bullets of Quills and Ink. Promptly I replied NO. 2 weeks of replying these kind of emails makes me realize that this blog have some sort of impact to it's visitors.

To the haters....I also would like to apologize. I am sorry that I am not out of the socio political blogging scene. I am also sorry that my spirit has not at all a bit dampened from writing my vies and opinions. Anyways....since it is Thaipusam and Pak Lah announced that the Federal Territories is on public holiday I will resume as normal starting from tomorrow. So enjoy Thaipusam and I do hope nothing bad is going to happen during this celebration.

04 January, 2008

Please help: Missing Child.

I received this E-mail from a friend yesterday. Fearing that it might be another "Nurin" predicament I think I should post it here to do my part in the look out for this poor girl. Below is the original E-mail forwarded to me....

Dear All

I trust you and your families are enjoying the Festive Season.

Unfortunately, a sad event concerning the daughter of a staff member of Hyatt Regency Johor Bahru occurred on December 23, 2007, when 12 year old Puteri Norhasekin Nor Rashidi disappeared from her family home in Johor Bahru. Please see all related newspaper article from the Harian Metro a Johor based newspaper and personal details of related to information on Puteri before she disappeared

I seek your assistance in distributing this information throughout your organizations in the hope someone may have sighted her or have related knowledge of this event. If you need further information, please contact the number listed on the missing person notice attached or your local police authorities.

Our prayers are with Puteri and her family for her swift and safe return home.

Many thanks for your kind support in the very urgent matter and kind regards

Richard M. Simmons
General Manager
Hyatt Regency Johor Bahru

03 January, 2008

Dr. Chua bows out respectfully. No I am not riding it to get more hits you morons!

I have to give it to him that he is brave to face it. Although it was a bad thing he did the matter of fact is that his privacy was intruded. No doubt it was wrong of what he did but it was a matter that at most concerns his family first and everything else second. Stepping down gracefully is not easily done especially for a person in his position. As now an ex-minister and politician I have to say his conduct at a professional level has been exceptionally well.

We all know that humans will be humans and men do have that mischief streak once in awhile. Thus it was unfortunate that something that happened ages ago surfaced and bit him pretty badly. But what seems to be bigger question here is where is privacy leading to in this country? How was there that many cameras in one bloody hotel room? From the screen shot they showed on TV I have to say that the placement and angles are very well planned.

Those who live in the constant purview of the public eye will always have as many foes as they do have friends. And even friends can't be trusted entirely to protect the image and privacy. So, it's not only artist that has to live in such conditions but I think almost everyone else too. Prevention is far better than cure as Dr. Chua found out first hand.

02 January, 2008

Some people may be able to erase your PTPTN debts.

A brand new year and some ass holes are making a head start. Why do I say this? Well, checking my company e-mail I received an e-mail titled "Lupuskan Pinjaman PTPTN anda" or Make your PTPTN debts disappear. I thought hmmm....is this an MLM pitch? After reading the content and went to the website I realised this might be a scam or an illegal ring of idiots bent on cashing in regardless what are the means.

Here is the content of the e-mail that I recieved;

Lupuskan PTPTN Anda

Sekitar lewat tahun 2006, kita digemparkan dengan "untraceable" akaun para peminjam PTPTN. Seseorang yang harus bayar RM18,000.00-RM30,000.00 dalam masa 6 bulan selepas tamat pengajian, tidak perlu membayar satu sen pun kerana rekod pinjamannya hilang tanpa dapat dikesan kerana PTPTN menggunakan sistem manual. Anda fikir ia satu kebetulan? Fikirkan lagi..

Pada pertengahan tahun 2007, kerajaan mula memberi perhatian kepada isu peminjam PTPTN, dimana sekarang mereka menggunakan teknologi canggih untuk menyimpan, update dan lupuskan sesuatu pinjaman secara online. Satu lagi kesilapan terbesar kerana menaruh kepercayaan sepenuhnya kepada teknologi canggih.


Kami menawarkan perkhidmatan melupuskan pinjaman PTPTN anda kurang dari masa 15minit. Anda tidak perlu lagi risaukan bayaran pinjaman yang membebankan. Perkhidmatan kami adalah cepat dan selamat. Sediakan bayaran sebanyak Rm2000.00 atau USD600 (E-gold only). Proses bayaran hanya menggunakan E-gold. Tetapi jika anda tidak mempunyai egold jangan risau kerana anda boleh tukarkan duit RM ke E-gold melalui "Exchanger".

Untuk maklumat lanjut, lawat laman web kami di http://www.ptptn.biz

Rahsia pelanggan adalah keutamaan kami. Data peribadi anda tidak akan dapat dikesan setelah rekod dimansuhkan oleh kami


Kami juga menyediakan perkhidmatan tambahan:

**Menaikkan markah ( Hanya USM, UUM, UTM, UPM dan UKM sahaja)

Hmmm....they also offer services to change your marks for certain public varsities. I went to their website at www.ptptn.biz and found there are screen shots of the PTPTN Web Admin system. I bet this is a bunch of people who are working in PTPTN or has some kind of Information Systems knowledge to hack through and change the details.

To abolish one's PTPTN debt is to pay these buggers a minimal fee. RM 2000 or USD$ 600 through E-Gold. Looks like PTPTN has just got screwed in their asses for being too relaxed in the network policies and system security.

Chua Soi Lek's porn stint.

He said he is sorry. His family accepted it and life goes on. Is that really the case? Sex scandals never really bodes well for politicians or those having high positions in the government. But having acted pretty promptly and having the balls to admit that it was indeed him in the video is a commendable thing to do.

However, admitting and apologizing is one thing. Being accepted normally within the ranks is another. I saw snippets of the video on TV. There was nothing much to see really but I bet it was nothing worth watching if you are a porn aficionado.

What is to happen now? Well saying sorry is one thing but I doubt that he should be allowed to serve. A minister needs to have integrity and in Malaysia not many has that so to speak. But Dr. Chua might just get away with it without much harm.

Somehow his public service reputation would have suffered and his hopes of becoming President of MCA in the future my have just disappeared. Still...I wonder why BN leaders would want to still support and be associated to an adulterer. I don't think that makes much sense.