25 January, 2008

Case fixing is not part of Royal Commission's scope.

Whoooaa? Isn't it suppose to be? Well, Haidar said no. Logically so since the purpose of the Royal Commission is solely to determine the fixing of judge appointments especially the Chief Judge. So case fixing is not part of the scope and the BAR is not allowed to question anything about it nor it is to refer to it as evidence.

However, I think this could cause a start to an even deeper investigation. So if there is enough pressure probably there will be another commission to investigate case fixing. Well, this fixing thing is very often heard in football which I must think that it relates closely well to the Judiciary of this country.

Still, as long as the upper hand is that of some select dickheads their cronies will might as well live comfortably in their villas, drive their petrol gulping cars and picking up some 20 year old twat to savagely grind the devilish lust they all have.

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