03 January, 2008

Dr. Chua bows out respectfully. No I am not riding it to get more hits you morons!

I have to give it to him that he is brave to face it. Although it was a bad thing he did the matter of fact is that his privacy was intruded. No doubt it was wrong of what he did but it was a matter that at most concerns his family first and everything else second. Stepping down gracefully is not easily done especially for a person in his position. As now an ex-minister and politician I have to say his conduct at a professional level has been exceptionally well.

We all know that humans will be humans and men do have that mischief streak once in awhile. Thus it was unfortunate that something that happened ages ago surfaced and bit him pretty badly. But what seems to be bigger question here is where is privacy leading to in this country? How was there that many cameras in one bloody hotel room? From the screen shot they showed on TV I have to say that the placement and angles are very well planned.

Those who live in the constant purview of the public eye will always have as many foes as they do have friends. And even friends can't be trusted entirely to protect the image and privacy. So, it's not only artist that has to live in such conditions but I think almost everyone else too. Prevention is far better than cure as Dr. Chua found out first hand.

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